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Copy this format if you wish to apply as a Helper on Jungle Network
Note you need to be atleast 13 year old to be able to apply 

1. Whats your ign?
2. How old are you?
 What timezone are you in? (This can be important for us to know)

4. What is your current rank (if you dont have a rank leave this empty)

5. How many hours can you be on per day?

6. Have you been staff on other servers before if so tell us about the name of the server and what you did.

7. Tell us about 10 plugings that you know about and there function

8. Can you record?(this is for proof if someone is hacking etc)

9. Why should we choose you over other Applicants?

10. Do you have Discord and a working microphone if yes whats your discord tag for example excons#2095

11. Are you staff on another server at the moment?

12. If you are the only one online on the server and a hacker comes on what would you do? (note you dont have ban perms)

13. Anything else you want us to know?

8 months ago

This is our server rules if you Break the rules you will get Punished

1. Dont spam in chat

2. Only english in main chat

3. No advertisment on the server or The Discord server

4. Hacking is not allowed

5. DDos/Dox threats Strongly against the Rules

6. No racism,sexism,Homophobia

7. Dont post inappropirate Links/pictures<

8. No boting/alting
                                                Allowed Modifications

1. Labymod
2. 5zig
3. Perspective Mod
4. Schematica and Printer
5. Timechanger
6. Keystorkes Mod
7. Chunk Indicator
8. Togglesneak
9. Coords hud
10. PotionHud
11. Optifine



1. Hack Clients
2. Any automated client that makes ur alt account grind (OqMinebot etc)
3. Xray
4. Damage Indicator (Shows the players hp above them)
5. Minimap
6. Autoclicker
7. Macro (Text and Autoclicker)
8. Any mod that gives ur a advantage is not allowed


8 months ago

this is a english server called Junglenetwork we have skyblock atm. but it will be more gamemodes in the future


Server Ip Comming soon:

8 months ago

1. Whats is the name of the staff member

2. What rule did the staff member break?

3.  How did the staff member break the rule?

4. Any evidence of the staff member breaking the rules?


8 months ago

1. Whats is your ign?

2. whats the reason for your mute?

3. have you been muted before if so what was the reason?

4. Why should you be unmuted?

5. Anything else?

8 months ago

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