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1. What's your ign?


2. How old are you?

15 ill be 16 in May (Male)

3. What timezone are you in? (This can be important for us to know)

Central USA


4. What is your current rank (if you dont have a rank leave this empty).


5. How many hours can you be on per day?

2 or 3+


6. Have you been staff on other servers before if so tell us about the name of the server and what you did.


I was an Admin for this HCF server for about 6 m. This the Owner QwasedYT did not have money to fun the server anymore. So however staff was all Fired.

-_-_-Spaceace Network-_-_-

I Am a Mod on This server and There is about 5 to 10 people on at the peak times. This is a Youtubers server and people only get on when he is on.

They are revamping the server atm.


7. Tell us about 10 plugins that you know about and their function

I know many staff plugins like StaffPlus and worldedit ect a lot of the basic plugins. Im an a DEV group on discord where we help each other out.


8. Can you record? (this is for proof if someone is hacking etc)

I can use replay mod and post that. It works the same. (badlion)


9. Why should we choose you over other Applicants?

I'm a very nice person to talk to and Love to help people. I have been staff on many servers and am a very good staff member!


10. Do you have Discord and a working microphone if yes whats your discord tag for example excons#2095

Yes! TaliPearl#3020

11. Are you staff on another server at the moment?

Yes. I hope this won't be a problem people are never on that server!


12. If you are the only one online on the server and a hacker comes on what would you do? (note you dont have ban perms)

Record and contact a Staff member that does have perms! Freeze them if I have perms

13. Anything else you want us to know?

However, I am applying for Admin/Manager I fill this because im very responsible and Know a lot about being a manager/admin. I love to do Forum work Ect!

5 months ago

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