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Jungle network Rules 8 months ago

This is our server rules if you Break the rules you will get Punished

1. Dont spam in chat

2. Only english in main chat

3. No advertisment on the server or The Discord server

4. Hacking is not allowed

5. DDos/Dox threats Strongly against the Rules

6. No racism,sexism,Homophobia

7. Dont post inappropirate Links/pictures<

8. No boting/alting

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this is a english server called Junglenetwork we have skyblock atm. but it will be more gamemodes in the future


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Staff report Format 8 months ago

1. Whats is the name of the staff member

2. What rule did the staff member break?

3.  How did the staff member break the rule?

4. Any evidence of the staff member breaking the rules?


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Mute appeal Format 8 months ago

1. Whats is your ign?

2. whats the reason for your mute?

3. have you been muted before if so what was the reason?

4. Why should you be unmuted?

5. Anything else?

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Report Format 8 months ago

1.Whats the rulebreakers ign?

2. what rule did the player break

3. Any proof of the rulebreaker example a video,screenshot or other evidence

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